Accelerin Ingredient List

What Makes Accelerin So Powerful?

Accelerin is a recently-discovered nootropic that is perceived to be able to improve mental alertness, increase mind performance, enhance memory and cognition, and increase general mental energy by use of naturaAccelerin Benefitsl ingredients.

Being an all-natural smart pill’, this cerebral enhancement complex blends natural ingredients, including caffeine, which works hand in hand as described below to deliver the functionalities mentioned above adequately. The ingredients include, and are not limited to the following:

Vitamin B3/ Niacin

The first ingredient is the Niacin, an inorganic compound consisting of 80 important human nutrients. It mostly referred to as Vitamin B3 or Nicotinic Acid. This nootropic element is blended at 30 mg, with other ingredients in making Accelerin drug to increase mainly energy output in the brain thus causing a positive effect on overall cognitive performance. Niacin’s cognitive enhancement is enabled by improving mental energy, focus, and alertness.Vitamin B3

The popular component of this nootropic stack, Picamilon breaks down into Niacin and GABA when it reaches your brain, thus enhancing mental energy, motivation as well as your general concentration level. You do not need to worry anymore about losing concentration in that conference hall, or not recalling where you placed your car keys; this fantastic supplement can solve this by helping you concentrate for longer and combat fatigue when performing draining tasks. Additionally, Vitamin B3 consists of some confirmed neuroprotective significances that contribute to improving the general health of your neurons and their supporting cells.


In improving mental alertness, most, if not all the gratitude is to L-Tyrosine, another ingredient of the Accelerin. This component is also blended at 546 mg with other elements to form Accelerin. L-Tyrosine is used to treat some cognitive conditions, mental illnesses like depression, narcolepsy, and attention deficit disorder; additionally, it treats Alzheimer’s plus many more degenerative neural conditions.

How it works to perfect all these? For the body to create chemical messengers involved in conditions that involve the brain, such as mental alertness, L-Tyrosine is used. With mental alertness, you will have a better overall mood, much energy, and better sex drive. Tyrosine specifically creates chemical messengers such as catecholamine essential for proper brain functioning. Furthermore, L-Tyrosine is known to increase noradrenaline (norepinephrine) levels in the hippocampus; this protects the brain from stress while decreasing the degeneration of brain cells.

Vitamin B6

This essential compound also called Pyridoxine Hydrochloride is an important ingredient in the Accerelin drug accentuated at a 5 mg portion. In the B family, B6 is said to be the most essential for brain function, for it is mainly utilized in energy metabolism processes in your brain cells as well as in the production of neurotransmitters. Increased consumption of Vitamin B6 is said to lead to more efficient cognitive ability as well as increased mind focus. In case you are suffering from brain tissue shrinkage or the deadly Alzheimer’s, you had better consume more of this mighty B6.

Whenever you take in the Accelerin drug according to the recommended dosage, the Vitamin B6 chemicals present transport signals from one neuron to the other, thus producing your thoughts, feelings, memories, and both the conscious and unconscious movements on your body. Vitamin B6 further participates in the process of synthesizing the neurotransmitters including Norepinephrine, Acetylcholine, Serotonin, Dopamine, and Melatonin. These neurotransmitters have varying functions, for instance, Acetylcholine is essential for memory encoding and information consolidation. Whenever you can clearly focus in class or able to sense pleasure or even have those goods moods, always remember that your neurotransmitters are at work.

Alpha GPCAlpha GPC

Another essential ingredient of Accelerin is a water-soluble choline compound called Alpha GPC. It is proprietorially blended with other elements at 546 mg to make the Accelerin drug. It is known for the enhancement of the functioning of our brain, promotion of overall operation of the neuron and treatment of cognitive disorders, such as stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

Being a phospholipid, Alpha GPC directly enhances the development of cell membranes of the cerebral cortex. This is an important part of your brain and a home to your information processing. This same cerebral cortex determines your intelligence, personality, motor function, planning, organization, and touch. It is great ha!

As is not enough, Alpha GPC increases the synthesis of acetylcholine that causes your brain to increase the speed by which synapses occur. Thus, you tend to process your thoughts incredibly faster. With Alpha GPC, your brain stores information and memories, so the greater neurotransmission rate, the better you will recall, therefore, keep ingesting them drugs.


Vinpocetine is another essentially blended ingredient of Accelerin most commonly known for treatment of Alzheimer’s, a chronic neurodegenerative disease that is majorly known for memory loss; among other functions to the brain. It is a purely natural substance from the Periwinkle plant, producing supplement essential in improving blood flow to the brain, thus makes it useful in treating a broad range of cognitive function complications. It is also used to treat effectively mild memory loss due to head injuries and other smaller disease.

This powerful memory enhancer principally works by facilitating the action of cerebral metabolism and improvement of blood flow in the brain. Vinpocetine enhances mild dilation of blood vessels allowing an increase in cerebral blood flow, thus result in glucose utilization and increased oxygenation.

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