What is Accelerin?

The World’s Best Nootropic Finally Hits The Market!

After battling legal issues over the potency of the product, the makers of Accelerin finally announced they are open for business. Now available in the US and Europe, Accelerin has scooped up over 50% of the Nootropic market place in a matter of months.

“Our proprietary formula is the most powerful memory boosting formula on the planet. What was once a problem for us is now what sets us apart from the other brain boosters out there. It was very frustrating to see lessor products come to market while we had to stand on the sidelines waiting for approval. Finally, we can now offer our product openly to consumers and as you can see from sales, consumers are loving it!” CEO- Mark Shrouder

Brain Booster Accelerin

How Does Accelerin Work?

In the last 10-15 years a new phenomenon was discovered. Scientists realized and were finally able to measure the effects certain chemicals have on your brain. They began to study why some people have the ability to concentrate for long periods of time while others can’t. What they found was very simple to comprehend, we just didn’t have the technology to prove it until recently. They found that people with superior memory, focus, concentration etc all had higher levels of certain chemicals and vitamins in their brains. Basically, their bodies and brains were producing the right amount of chemicals and reactions needed to optimal mental health. Whether it was through diet, or inherited genetically these people all had the right amount of “brain vitamins” available when their brains needed it.

Accerlin works by giving your brain the necessary vitamins it may currently lack. If you have trouble focuses for long periods of time, that can be corrected by giving your brain what it needs to concentrate. Have terrible short term memory? it’s not because you’re stupid, it’s because your brain may be deficient in Vitamin B3.


Although their exact formula is kept top secret, we do know some of the main ingredients in Accelerin. They include:

Vitamin B3


Vitamin B6

Alpha GPC



Side Effects

Increased memory. Increased focus. There have been no negative side effects reported from using Accelerin.


We have collected a ton of user reviews over the past several months. You can read about people’s experiences here!

Does Accelerin Really Work?

We wanted to find out for ourselves if this supplement could do everything it claimed. Most of the success stories we heard about Accelerin has been amazing, so we wanted to see if there was any truth to it, or if it was just a bunch of hype. So we choose a guinea pig and ordered a bottle here. It arrived within 8 business days and our little experiment began. Check out our 4 Week Accelerin Experiment Here!

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